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The IMPACT Program

IMPACT is a six-week motivational life-skills program, designed to inspire adolescents to achieve their true potential. For more information, please click here.

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We provide free resource referral counseling and support on any positive test when purchased from our store. Please click here to browse our products


Latest News

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Robb Fulcher of the Easy Reader offers an inside look at local teenage substance use and community response. Click here to access the article on their site.

Vin'Ash is proud to introduce HotSpots.
This interactive map indicates places adolescents might be engaging in risky behavior such as drug use. Access the map along with all of our other member features by creating a free member account.

True-Results is a new substance screening service offered by Vin'Ash. True-Results will pick up collected samples from your home or business delivering accurate and confidential results that very day. Please use our webform to contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Vin'Ash Community Outreach

Vin'Ash celebrates ten years in providing outreach services that has reached over a quarter of a million adolescents, parents and school faculty. For the last ten years we have helped:.

  • Create peer based support groups in our local high schools
  • Conducted hundreds of parent and family process groups
  • Increased community awareness through outreach and education
  • Networked with educational faculty and local professionals
  • Provided crisis support for teens and family members
  • Worked with local law enforcement to provide support to the community
  • Mentored teens one-on-one providing unconditional support

This year we pledge to expand our services and continue to support to our public schools in the following school districts: ESUSD, MBUSD, RBUSD, TUSD, PVPUSD and LAUSD. These FREE outreach services will include:

  • Parent education and support
  • Faculty in-service and support
  • Teen process groups
  • 12-Step recovery panels
  • Student based community service

Our community outreach programs, much like our life coaching service, use motivational interviewing coupled with a 12 step approach to assist our clients in improving their lives. Our goal is to continue being a leader in community outreach by supporting our local schools, the students in them and the families at home. If you are interested in using Vin'Ash to strengthen your faculty, educational curriculum or your support programs please email us and we'll set some time aside to discuss what we can do for you. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to give back.